"Original" doesn't have to mean "boring." Our very first recipe, Original Almondmilk, is a delightful twist on the classic honey + nut combination. We blend roasted almonds with a drizzle of real, pure honey, and just the right amount of Mooala love. It's truly "original." And it's truly delicious.


So much more than just plain vanilla. Our recipe blends creamy blanched almonds and real vanilla beans with a touch of cane sugar. The taste will remind you of grandma’s homemade ice cream. But with way less calories.


“Bananamilk? You guys are nuts!” But we’re not nuts. We’re totally bananas. Our Original Bananamilk recipe fuses pureed bananas and roasted sunflower seeds into a smooth, silky balance that’s topped off with a dash of cinnamon and salt. There are no added sugars, no dairy, and no nuts. It’s delicious in cereal, smoothies, baking treats, and… yes… it will even lighten your coffee (whether you want banana coffee is up to you). C’mon. Be bananas with us.


Mmm… Chocolate Bananamilk. Doesn’t it sound like a secret treat you’d uncover at the State Fair? We think it deserves a ribbon for being nut-free, dairy-free and insanely delicious. With less than 100 calories, it’s a winner in smoothies, or by the glass. It also defies gravity, picks up your kids, and turns back time. OK, we made the last part up, but everything else was true.


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